​​Southern Maryland Divers, llc 

We have hookups to fill up to 10 tanks at a time and with over 4000 cubic feet of banked air, we can fill your tanks while you wait. We even have the ability to fill up to 4 tanks at a time in your vehicle while you wait (safety guidelines apply). 

​***All tanks being used for mixes above 40% in oxygen content MUST be cleaned, certified, and current for oxygen service. It is at the sole discretion of the blender if they wish to accept another agencies oxygen service qualification of the tank. If external visual inspection reveals contamination that concerns the filler, they may require re-cleaning prior to filling the tank. These restrictions are in place for the safety of our blenders and our customers***

Technical Gas Fills - We have a Haskel!

Custom Nitrox Mix 21%-40% - $0.20 per cubic ft 

Nitrox by the cubic ft (your choice) up to 40% 

800 cubic ft punch card - $0.18 per cubic ft - $144.00
1600 cubic ft punch card - $0.15 per cubic ft - $240.00

Deco Gas "Technical Fills" - 40% and higher 

Oxygen per cubic ft - $.50 per cubic ft

Air Top / Blending Fee - $6.00

Custom Trimix Blends
Oxygen - $0.50 per cubic ft
Helium - $1.75 per cubic ft
Air Top / Blending fee - $6.00 per tank / set doubles ​​

Nitrox (up to 40%) ​​

120 Cubic ft and less - $14.00

120 Cubic ft and more -$16.00

10 Fill Punch Card - $130.00 (SAVE $1 per fill)

20 Fill Punch Card - $240.00 (SAVE $2 per fill)

50 Fill Punch Card - $500.00 (SAVE $4 per fill)

We bank over 1300 cubic feet of pre-mixed 32% so you can get nitrox fills while you wait.

Hyper Pure "Oxygen Compatible" -  Air Fills

All Tanks - $7.00 (flat rate per cylinder)

10 Fill Punch Card - $65.00 (10 fill punch card) SAVE $5.00
20 Fill Punch Card - $125.00 (20 fill punch card) SAVE $15.00

Bulk air fill rate (over 100 fills per year required) - $5.00 per tank

Gas Fill Prices

Nitrox Blending 
We use the 
Nitrox Stik to blend each individual tank to your specification. This means you have less wait, and more accurate results. This also removes a lot of the hazards involved with partial pressure filling procedures. We can dial in your exact mix from 22% to 40% and if you bring us a partially filled tank, we can custom blend it to what you want without dumping your old mix.

Purity is important! 
We use only the purest gas, from medical grade oxygen, to 99.99% pure helium, your sure to get the best air available. Our Mako 8 cubic ft / min compressor is meticulously maintained, following all manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules. We utilize 
Lawrence Factor high quality filtration to ensure OCA Grade E super clean air. We sample and analyze our air using Trace Analytics on a quarterly basis to make sure we are maintaining the highest quality gas. Click HERE to see our latest test results, or check it out in person, we have it hung on the wall next to the compressor!

Timely / Accurate Fills! 
We understand that your time is important, and being up all night waiting for your tanks to be filled can lead to a tired diver the next day. That's why we work hard to get your fills completed quickly. Air fills are usually same day and nitrox fills are usually two day turnaround. When you ask for 32%, you get 32%! We know divers want the fill they request, so we double check our fills and ensure you get what you want.


Unlike other dive shops, for our technical fills and upon request, we take the time to analyze the gas that is left in your tank when you bring it in for a fill. We then use extremely accurate computer software to find out what we need to add or subtract to get you the fill you want. This enables us to add ONLY the amount of gas needed to "blend" your current gas to the new mix, saving you money on every fill! Nitrox fills have a max cap of $16.00 per fill up to 40% EAN.

Clean, pure, accurate gas fills are guaranteed at Southern Maryland Divers. The key to what we do is not just an obsession with preventive maintenance and accuracy, but also the personal attention that your fills get from our blenders. All of our blending, from nitrox to trimix is performed by Gas Blender instructors.

Premium Gas Fills

AIR / Nitrox / Trimix