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Born and raised in Southern California, Barry started to dive at age 16 with a strong desire to see what was under the Pacific Ocean. Barry has been diving most of his life, is currently employed at NAS Patuxent River Naval Air Station as a Senior Systems Specialist and is in training for technical diving with a great interest in learning cave diving and rebreathers. 

Barry has well over 2000 ocean water dives inclusive of cold water, Ice, High Altitude and Wreck diving. Diving in Guadalupe, Mexico with the Great Whites, Socorro Islands and San Benedetto with the Giant Manta’s and Whale Sharks to the Catalina Islands, Malibu and along the California, Oregon and Washington coastline.

While living in Seattle, Barry logged many dives in Puget Sound and was over to Hawaii many times.  Barry spent a significant amount of time diving in the Bahamas and down in Florida at Crystal River with the Manatees. One of Barry’s favorite places is Cozumel, Mexico where he truly learned to Drift dive and wall dives which descend thousands of feet. Then there are the Cenotes, located adjacent to Cozumel on the Yucatán Peninsula, underground fresh and salt water caverns are among some of the most amazing and unusual dives to be had. Barry was certified as an Open Water Instructor in December 2017 and enjoys the opportunities of training fellow divers and those who want to experience the amazing underwater world.

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About Barry Tragen

PADI MSDT #381253

Email : Barry@SoMdDivers.com

​Phone: (541) 973-7120

Barry’s Instructor Ratings

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
EFR Instructor
EFR primary and Secondary Care Instructor
Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor
Deep Instructor
Dry Suit Diver Instructor
Underwater Navigation Instructor
Night Diving Instructor
Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor
Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
Project AWARE Instructor
Aware Coral Reef Conservation Instructor