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Your course online code will be sent to the student following payment / registration for the course

*Students are responsible for personal gear (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and Fin Booties), all other gear (BCD, Regulator, Tanks, etc) is included with the course fee. Southern Maryland Divers offers a substantial student discount on this personal gear.

It is essential that if you answer "Yes" to any of the medical questions on the PADI Medical Waiver that your doctor sign that you are physically fit enough to dive. This must be done before you touch the water.

compressed 3-day course - $695

Get SCUBA Certified in 3-days!

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Southern Maryland Divers understands a busy schedule. That is why we offer the PADI Open Water certification course in a compressed three day course. How can we do this you ask? It's easy! Keep in mind, this price includes EVERYTHING! Quarry entry fees, *complete gear rental, and even air fills! No surprise fees or other costs. No interaction in person at our shop is required for this course. You can complete EVERYTHING via email, phone, fax before your weekend at the quarry. This option is attractive to busy schedules. 

Click here for our compressed course FAQ

This class is taught using the PADI "E-Learning" option where all of your classroom content is completed online. You will need to complete the online course in its entirety before you arrive at the quarry. Over three full days at the quarry, we will complete all of the required skills and knowledge content needed to certify you as an Open Water Diver. 

Day 1 (Friday) 
Starting bright and early, we will meet under a shelter and review all of the knowledge reviews you have already completed. We will then take the final exam and review it as well. After that, we spend the rest of the day working on confined water (pool) skills in the area of the quarry that qualifies as confined water. This will be the longest day of the weekend. 

Day 2 (Saturday) 
Starting bright and early, we begin with a briefing and some topside skills. We then head to the water and complete open water dive one. After a short break, we will complete open water dive two. We will break for lunch and then complete open water divethree and finish the day with a final post dive debriefing. Students are always welcome to join us around the campfire for some "Chapter six" content after dinner. 

Day 3 (Sunday) 
Starting bright and early, we will head to the water for the fourth and final dive of the class. After a post dive debriefing, we will have graduation, and class pictures. We are usually done before lunch. At this point you are free to head home! Depending on interest, we will offer students the opportunity to have an additional dive or two that can count towards your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification.​