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David is currently certified at the PADI Tec 45 level and dives in sidemount configuration. He is in a constant state of learning. After joining us as a Recuse Diver he has earned his TEC 45, Tec Sidemount Diver, Tmx 45, Dry Suit Diver, Self-Reliant Diver and Divemaster. He travels weekly and takes his gear with him on as many trips as possible finding sink holes, lakes, oceans/seas and pretty much anything he can blow bubbles in.

His love of diving and mentoring drove him to become a Divemaster. Giving him the opportunity to assist during classes and dives. You can typically find him smiling since he is doing what he loves.


David was born in Long Island New York. After studying at Marist College majoring in Fine Arts he joined the Air Force. As a Power Production Specialist he installed, operated, maintained, repaired and inspected power production plants and equipment along with aircraft-arresting barriers. After his service David started a construction company in Colorado framing homes as owner operator. He is now Vice President of Operations for a large commercial contractor based out of Maryland that remodels hotels, restaurants and bars around the country and in the Caribbean.

PADI Divemaster
PADI Divemaster #438151

Phone: (443) 295-3225

Email : Dave.P@SoMdDivers.com

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