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Other than the thousands of dives done repairing swimming pools I’ve dived in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico and various lakes, quarries, fresh water springs and rivers. Some of the more unusual dives include breaking the ice to dive into and repair a swimming pool or two, diving on the Black Panther U-1105, a German submarine in the Potomac River, and cenotes in Mexico. Cenotes are underground rivers where portions of the roof have caved in; giving you an occasional escape route to the surface, therefore you don’t need to be “Cave certified” to enjoy them. The most unusual aspect of this type of dive is that you start the dive in fresh water but as you descend you pass through a halocline, a boundary where the fresh water layer sits atop salt water, and are now diving in salt water, quite an interesting experience.

After some college and a few miscellaneous jobs I again landed in the swimming pool industry and found my scuba skills to be of great value. I had done some ocean dives & realized the more I knew the safer I would be underwater. Many years passed & then one day, while waiting on an air fill, I got to talking with the dive shop owner & decided to further my scuba education; Advanced, Rescue, and Nitrox, followed by PADI Divemaster in 2009. By now I was hooked and decided to become an instructor; having always enjoyed sharing my skills and knowledge with others it was a natural for me and I became a NAUI Instructor in 2010. In 2017, David completed his PADI Assistant Instructor with Southern Maryland Divers.


My interest in water activities started early in life when I was on a swim team and thought being a lifeguard would be fun. When I got out of the Marine Corps and waiting for my first year of college to start I took a Red Cross lifesaving course. The remainder of that summer, and a couple subsequent ones, I worked as a lifeguard, pool facility manager, and swim coach. The pool company I worked for was also a scuba dive shop so I decided I wanted to learn how to dive, didn’t hurt that I got a discount. I got my Open Water certification in 1972 from NASDS.

PADI Assistant Instructor
PADI Assistant Instructor #259992 

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