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The O2ptima is a fully closed mixed gas closed circuit rebreather. Unlike other products both past and present, this design represents the collaboration of several manufacturers within the diving and safety industries. Each company was able to bring their strengths to this product, increasing safety and reliability. While many designs have needed to evolve over the years, the O2ptima at its release, represented some of the best technology available.

Dive Rite has a long history of serving the diving community with innovative and quality products. Unlike many other companies which concentrate on a specific market, Dive Rite has excelled in delivering products to the recreational diver while still being able to supply cutting-edge equipment for even the most demanding diver.

Student prerequisites 

The IANTD CCR Open Water course is designed to train competent divers in the safer use and technology of CCR for dives requiring up to 15 minutes of decompression.

The course trains divers to dive up to:
160 fsw (48 msw) if using diluent with helium (normoxic) OR
b. 140 fsw (42 msw) if using air as a diluent..

Course content and training requirements

-One Aluminum 40 bailout bottle, with proper stage rigging. (Available to rent)
-One 1st Stage Regulator.
-One 2nd stage regulator with 26”-36” LP hose
-One 26”-36” LP quick disconnect hose
-One 6”-9” High Pressure hose
-1.5” or 2” High Pressure gauge. (No button gauges allowed please)
-Surface Marker with 50 lbs. lift capacity. (Lift bag or SMB, non color specific)
-Reel with minimum of 150’ of line
-Dive Slate (not wet notes) with bolt snap
-Mask, Fins, exposure protection

No bubbles, no troubles!

closed circuit rebreather training

Southern Maryland Divers provides CCR training on the Dive Rite O2ptima rebreather. While we strongly encourage that you purchase a unit to complete your training on, we also have  a rental unit in stock for training as well. We can also outfit you with a new O2ptima when the time comes, so before you shop somewhere else, please contact us first. 

Rebreather training is taught on demand, so if your ready to start the exciting transition to the world of silent diving, give us a call so we can setup your class.

The class requires a full day of classroom time which includes the academics as well as full tear down and rebuild of the unit along with pre-dive checklist and troubleshooting. After the classroom is done, we will spend at least 120 minutes in the pool, and then over 6 open water dives, we will spend at least 500 minutes of bottom time. 

IANTD CCR Open Water Training

Certifications: Student must be certified to the minimum of IANTD Advanced EANx or Advanced Recreational Trimix or equivalent. (Other training agency certifications count)

​Age Requirement: Students must be at least 17 years of age at the start of the course with parental permission. Students 18 years or older may complete the course without parental authorization.

Diver Experience: 
a. Proof of a minimum of 30 logged dives or sufficient experience to satisfy the instructor that the student has the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training

Crossover Prerequisites & Dive Requirements:
To qualify from one Closed Circuit Rebreather to another Closed Circuit Rebreather, a diver must:

Have 12 CCR dives of which one (1) must have been within 45 days of the program on the new CCR

Must complete a minimum of 200 minutes of open water bottom time training with at least two (2) OW dives.

To qualify from a Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather to a Closed Circuit Rebreather, a diver with 20 or more SCR dives must:

Complete a minimum of 400 minutes of open water bottom time training in a combination of confined water and OW environments, with at least 6 OW dives.

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Required Equipment

Payment in full is due a minimum of 30 days prior to class to reserve your seat. Class fees are refundable up to 30 days prior to the start of class for any reason. Class fees may be transferred to another class date, if the cancelation occurs less than 30 days prior to class.

Additional fees outside of the class expenses will include boat charter fees, absorbent and cylinder fills which are available in the shop.

Other expenses outside of class may include:

Pool admission fees – $5 per day off season. Our pool is available free of charge Memorial day through Labor Day

Boat Charter or Quarry Entry Fee's  - Price varies depending on options chosen by the student

Rebreather diving is a phenomenal experience that allows divers to enjoy the underwater realm like never before. Whether your interest lies in up-close-and-personal wildlife encounters, amazing photography opportunities or furthering an exploration, rebreathers offer something for everyone.

​Today's rebreathers are easy-to-use, yet as more and more brands hit the market, the choices and options can be overwelming. Semi-closed circuit or fully-closed? Electronics-driven or manual? Granular scrubber or cartridge? It can be a minefield that's not easy to navigate.

O2ptima OpeN Water CCR Diver Course