Course Details

This course must be taught in the Northern Florida Spring system and is available anytime one of our instructors is teaching in Florida. Please contact us for upcoming dates.

Course Fee: $495.00 

Ready for a challenge? You’ll expand on the skills you learned and mastered in your cavern class. Over multiple sessions of classroom, topside, and underwater training sessions, you will master the skills to safely complete dives within the standards and restrictions of the intro to cave certification live.

  • Gas planning and emergency procedures
  • Buddy team diving and considerations
  • Gear requirements and configuration

Who should take this course?

This is where students begin making actual cave dives — under some fairly strict limitations. By limiting penetration gas to roughly 40 cubic feet, avoiding decompression and prohibiting any sort of jumps, gaps or complex navigation, we allow students to focus on things like basic dive planning, communication and emergency skills.

Students who want to gain limited cave diving experience on their own, at the completion of this program, may do so — provided they understand that the cave community will be keeping them on a fairly short leash.

Approved Cavern Diver Certification is required to attend this course.

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What will you learn?

IANTD INtro to cave diver