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Trip Leader / Lake Erie Expert -     Erik Petkovic Sr


We will spend 4 days of wreck diving the pristine wrecks of Lake Erie from the dates of July 24th thru the 27th. We will be diving with Osprey Charters on board their very spacious boat that is setup just for diving.  There are plenty of lodging options available locally and we can provide a list of those options upon request.  The trip fee includes 4 Days Wreck Diving (120-210 ft), detailed briefings on each wreck, and a Lake Erie Shipwreck Seminar the night of July 23rd by author of the best selling book, "Shipwrecks of Lake Erie" Erik Petkovic Sr.

Dive Schedule:

​​Day 1 (July 24th, 2020) - Full day charter - Two technical dives with lunch on the boat in between - Warm up "shallower" dives 

Day 2 (July 26th, 2020) ​Full day charter - Two technical dives with lunch on the boat in between - Dive sites chosen by divers

Day 3 (July 27th, 2020) - Full day charter - Two technical dives with lunch on the boat in between - Dive sites chosen by divers

Day 4 (July 28th, 2020) - Full day charter - Two technical dives with lunch on the boat in between - Dive sites chosen by divers 

Note: While we will attempt to match this schedule exactly; weather and other factors out of the control of Osprey Charters / Southern Maryland Divers may force us to make minor changes.  If changes to the itinerary are made; wrecks of similar depth and skill factor will be substituted.** In the event of a canceled charter due to weather, that day's charter fee will be refunded to the diver. 

Diver Pre-reqs and other fine print:

·  All dives will be in the technical range (beyond recreational limits) and divers MUST be at MINIMUM Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures qualified. Some of the dives will be deep enough that trimix should be highly considered due to combat possible narcosis. 

·  Divers should have recent experience in large open water diving conditions, along with cold water experience. Bottom temps rarely get above 40-42 degrees and divers should plan accordingly for thermal protection. Drysuits are HIGHLY recommended.  All divers should carry at least one audible (whistle etc.) and visual (SMB etc.) signal device. 

·  Wreck penetration will be permitted providing you have the training, experience, and equipment to do so safety. Divers should be comfortable in those conditions before proceeding with those types of dives.

·  Remember both trip insurance and diver medical insurance.  Southern Maryland Divers requires all Technical students to carry DAN (or equivalent) medical insurance

·  Remember cash for tips.  The staff of Osprey Dive Charter will work hard for us, and we need to make sure we take care of them in return.  Typical tip for a 2-tank dive is $5 per tank, $10 if service is excellent.

·  All trips include boat ride only. Tanks, weights, gas, and all other gear is the responsibility of the diver.

Trip Leader / Closed CIRCUIT -    PAUL LENHARR


PHONE - (443) 295-3225

Full amount of trip is due upon booking. Travel and lodging is NOT included with this trip. Travel and lodging is the responsibility of each participant. 

Rental gear is available from Southern Maryland Divers and will need to be transported to and from our shop by the diver renting the gear. Please arrange these rentals in advance with us. Tank fills including CCR, Trimix, and Deco gasses are available at the boat after your day of diving is complete.

60 days out from the first day of the trip, the trip fee is non-refundable unless you find someone to fill your spot (Trip Insurance!

Refunds due to extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis but it is highly recommended and very affordable to get trip insurance. Plans can be found through Divers Alert Network

Trip cancelation due to charter or dive shop fault will be refunded in full. Individual charter dives canceled due to weather will be refunded for each individual charter that was canceled upon trip completion from Southern Maryland Divers. 

Please contact the shop to arrange a deposit and or payment. 

Call us at (443) 295-3225 or 
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Lake Erie Tech Dive Trip - July 24-27th, 2020

Join Southern Maryland Divers for a trip to dive the pristine wrecks of Lake Erie! Led by the author of best selling book "Shipwrecks of Lake ErieErik Petkovic Sr, you will get an inside look into each and every wreck you dive during this trip.

Trip Cost - $740.00 per diver - 8 Technical dives with lunch each day

**Includes personalized signed copy of Erik's book "Shipwercks of Lake Erie"!