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This is our most popular option and offers you the most flexibility for the knowledge development potion of the class. Using the PADI E-learning online class you will learn all of the content online via a computer at your own pace via an interactive multimedia rich, experience. You will have audio, video, and graphics to assist your learning. You even take quizzes and your final exam online! No anxiety here. Start when you want, and ask questions as you go. Please make sure to get your online code from us if you are enrolling in one of our classes. We will issue you a special code. 

After you complete your online course and take the final exam, you will schedule your pool sessions with us at our on site pool for 4 evenings over two weeks. Pool sessions usually run 2-3 hours each. We also offer a monthly weekend option (Saturday and Sunday) at the
Hall Aquatic Center located in Prince Frederick, MD. 

After your complete all 4 pool sessions, you will sign up for one of our 
Quarry Checkout Weekends. Over a Saturday and Sunday, you will repeat the skills you learned in the pool in an open water environment to complete your course. After successful completion of all sections of the class, you will be issued your Open Water Scuba Diver Certification card. 

Scuba classes / lessons with us

*All INCLUSIVE - Whats included?

checkout dives on a trip 

Referral checkout dives 

Book / DVD  Option

PADI E-Learning Open Water course 

We expect that you will price around for your class. Please keep the following items in mind when checking with other shops on pricing. 


  • Online E-learning Access - INCLUDED
  • Pool Instruction - INCLUDED
  • Pool Fee's - INCLUDED
  • Gear for pool sessions - INCLUDED
  • Air fills for pool sessions - INCLUDED
  • "Checkout" Quarry Entry Fees - INCLUDED
  • Gear for "Checkout" Weekend - INCLUDED
  • Air fills for "Checkout" Weekend - INCLUDED
  • Wetsuit for "Checkout" Weekend - INCLUDED
  • ​Certification Card upon completion - INCLUDED

​​Southern Maryland Divers, llc 

- Our price is ALL INCLUSIVE. The only other costs you can expect to see are your personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins, and fin booties), and camping / lodging for your quarry weekend. We include gear, air fills, pool fee's, quarry fee's, and your certification card as part of your course fee. We give all students a 10% discount on personal gear in the shop.
Our instructors are ACTIVE divers, not just "quarry instructors". This enables us to bring you real world experiences in your training. This is super important to ensure we certify well rounded, safe divers. 

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Busy schedule? Take a look at our 
compressed 3 day course, or if your really in a rush and welcome a challenge, we offer the Fast Track 2 day course
**We offer the Compressed Open Water Course in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Northern Florida Springs**

If you choose to complete the class work (either online or classroom) and pool with us but want to complete your open water checkout dives in another location, we can give you a referral. It's good at any PADI facility or with any current teaching status PADI instructor

We will fill out the referral for you after you complete the classroom and pool work. The referral will be good for one year from the date you started the class. Keep in mind that the facility that is completing your training will have a fee associated with their end of the training. 


Online E-learning option


Many shops charge additional fees for what we INCLUDE with our courses. Make sure you ask about additional fees you might expect to see throughout the entire course. Usually, our price (which INCLUDES those fees) ends up being cheaper than other shops. 

Checkout Referral option 

  • PADI Crew-Pak (Book and table) - INCLUDED
  • PADI DVD "Rental" for course - INCLUDED
  • Pool Instruction - INCLUDED
  • Pool Fees - INCLUDED
  • Gear for pool sessions - INCLUDED
  • Air fills for pool sessions - INCLUDED
  • "Checkout" Quarry Entry Fees - INCLUDED
  • Gear for "Checkout" Weekend - INCLUDED
  • Air fills for "Checkout" Weekend - INCLUDED
  • Wetsuit for "Checkout" Weekend - INCLUDED
  • Certification Card upon completion - INCLUDED

If your a student coming to us to finish your course via referral, we can accommodate you on any of our Quarry Checkout Weekends. You must have a valid referral with the knowledge development, swim tests, and pool sessions completed and signed off by a certified, current, and valid instructor. Referral form must be provided to us prior to the weekend for verification. You show up and complete the 4 Open Water checkout dives and we certify you. We take care of your gear rental, tanks / air fills, and quarry entry fee's. You must provide your own mask, snorkel, fin booties and fins which we can provide to our students at a 10% discount in our shop.

We can finish your check out dives on any of our scheduled trips. We usually head to warmer, clearer waters at least 3 or 4 times a year.
Keep in mind that you will have travel / trip costs associated with this choice, but in return, you will be able to complete your check out dives in warm, blue, water. Fee includes instruction (over two days) and card only. All other costs are the responsibility of the diver.