Monday / Wednesday Classes

JUNE - 10TH, 12TH, 17TH, 19TH

JULY - 15TH, 17TH, 22ND, 24TH

​AUGUST - 19TH, 21ST, 26TH, 28TH

SEPTEMBER - 16TH, 18TH, 23RD, 25TH

OCTOBER - 14TH, 16TH, 21ST, 23RD

2019 Hall Aquatic Center 

June 15th-16th
July 20th-21st
August 10th-11th

September 14th-15th
October 5th-6th
November 16th-17th
December 7th-8th


Pool Training Schedule


​​Southern Maryland Divers, llc 

Southern Maryland Divers currently offers SCUBA classes at two locations to accommodate those that might live closer to one location than the other. We understand that nobody likes a long drive, especially with todays busy schedules. We offer open water pool sessions at two locations for your convenience. Below is our class schedule for pool work. All classes require that the PADI E-Learning Academic work be completed PRIOR to the pool work. If you don't see a class that works for you, please contact us to see if we can work something out. 

Classes held at our on-site pool are broken down into (4) 2 hour sessions that run from 6PM-8PM on either a Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs schedule for two weeks. There is a mandatory orientation night that will be held the Mon or Tues one week prior to the first class date. Orientation night consists of gear fitting, paperwork, and the required swim test and usually lasts about an hour.

Prince Frederick, MD 

California, MD

The Hall Aquatic Center classes are weekend dates. Both days are required and the times are listed below. 

Saturday's - 730AM-2PM

Sunday's - 800AM-Noon

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2019 SoMd On-Site "Shop" Pool


JULY - 2ND, 4TH, 9TH, 11TH

​AUGUST - 6TH, 8TH, 13TH, 15TH