SCUBA diving is an exciting and rewarding sport. Sometimes, it's hard to explain to our family and friends how beautiful it is under the water. We can help you share those memories and save them forever. We offer custom tailored photography for your SCUBA diving. Prices vary depending on location, times, etc. Contact us for a quote.

*Staged underwater scenes
*Pinnacle dives
*Training - (Must be allowed and arranged with the instructor first)
*Exotic Vacations (We offer topside photography as well)
*Custom Video with soundtrack 

You can see examples of my work at 
This Link.

We offer 24/7 on call, emergency, and scheduled miscellaneous Marine related SCUBA services to the Southern Maryland Area (CalvertSt. Mary'sCharles, and Prince George's Counties) as well as scheduled underwater work to the tri-state (Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC) areas. These services are offered via referral, so please leave a message and we will get back to you with an insured, professional dive services contact info.

You MUST leave a voicemail if you call and don't get an answer, we will call you back


*Premium Bottom Cleaning
*Hull and bottom inspections with video evidence
*Fouled Props
*Prop entanglement removal (crab pots, rope, etc.)
*Zinc replacements
*Lost Item retrieval from bottom (motors, tools, other valuables, etc)
*Intake cleaning
*Hull damage inspection (includes digital images / video of any damage found)

​*Underwater Video Inspections and Productions 

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Other SCUBA Related Services

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Photography / Videography