Dive back into the water with a PADI Professional to review your inwater scuba skills (optional). We provide all gear with exception of your personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins, and fin booties). You just show up with your personal gear and have fun! Our instructor will go over some key skills with you and then you will have the rest of the time to work on any skills you want to work on. The average session takes about two hours.

PADI "Re-activate" refresher course

Who should take this course?

Contact us to get signed up for your Re-actiave course and we will email you a code to get started with the Re-Activate touch right away!

Have your certification through another agency other than PADI? No worries! We can still complete a refresher course for you. You will be issued an online code through PADI for the academic "Tune-up" portion and then you will attend a pool session to work on the skills. At the end, the instructor will sign your log book showing you completed a refresher.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3:

Course Details

This course is taught during the first pool session of any of our Open Water Courses. Please see our course calendar for the next available date.

Course Fee: $125.00

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Get an updated certification card. Complete both the ReActivate program and the inwater skills with a PADI Professional and receive a certificate of completion plus a PADI replacement certification card.


Watch action-based scenarios.Download the program to watch realistic dive scenarios. Then, see if you remember how to best handle each situation. ReActivate monitors your responses and moves on when you're spot on, or delivers more detailed information if you weren't quite right.

Whats included?​

Your course fee includes an online academic review portion, BCD, regulator, tank, and weights for the pool work. Students are responsible for personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins, and fin boots). 

How can you start learning now?

Been awhile since your last scuba dive? It happens. But, what do you do in a current? What's the signal for "turn the dive"? What are the steps to a predive safety check? What is a predive safety check?

Not sure? No worries. Whether you’ve been dry for a while and need to refresh scuba principles and skills, or you've been diving a lot but want to review the basics, PADI ReActivate is for you.

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