Compressed Air fills to 4500 psi

All size paintball tanks - $5.00 per tank

Weekend fill station rental 

Aluminum 80 cubic foot tank @3000 psi full - $20.00 
Steel 130 cubic foot tank @3500 psi full - $35.00 
**Includes compressed tank fill adapter. Will fill tanks multiple times over entire weekend

Paintball Tank Hydrostatic Test

All size paintball tanks (includes fill) - $28.00 

We also offer fill punch cards that save you money on your fills. Stop in and ask us about them!

We fill all compressed air paintball tanks, even tanks that have pressure values up to 4500 psi. All tanks must be current with DOT standards to include a current Hydrostatic Test Date. We also provide those services for your tanks. 


All customers using SCUBA tanks or rented for purposes of paintball will need to complete and sign the paintball waiver. Save time by filling out the form and brining it with you. The form can be found HERE.


***Paintball tanks require hydrostatic testing every 3 years, vs SCUBA tanks which require it every 5 years***

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