Southern Maryland Divers, LLC

Compressed Air fills to 4500 psi

All size paintball tanks - $5.00 per tank

Weekend fill station rental 

Aluminum 80 cubic foot tank @3000 psi full - $20.00 
Steel 130 cubic foot tank @3500 psi full - $35.00 
**Includes compressed tank fill adapter. Will fill tanks multiple times over entire weekend

Paintball Tank Hydrostatic Test

All size paintball tanks (includes fill) - $28.00 

We also offer fill punch cards that save you money on your fills. Stop in and ask us about them!


***Paintball tanks require hydrostatic testing every 3 years, vs SCUBA tanks which require it every 5 years***

We fill all compressed air paintball tanks, even tanks that have pressure values up to 4500 psi. All tanks must be current with DOT standards to include a current Hydrostatic Test Date. We also provide those services for your tanks.