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IANTD Instructor Trainer #750

​Instructor Trainer Through Advanced Nitrox

Supervised Diver / Nitrox Supervised Diver Instructor
Open Water Diver / Open Water Nitrox Diver Instructor
Advanced Open Water Diver Instructor
Rescue Diver Instructor
Divemaster Instructor
Elite Diver Instructor
Nitrox Diver Instructor
Advanced Nitrox Diver Instructor
Deep Diver Instructor
Recreational Trimix Diver Instructor
Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver Instructor
Cavern Instructor
Intro to Cave Instructor

Full Technical Instructor through Hypoxic Trimix

CCR O2ptima Instructor

CCR Trimix Instructor

PADI Instructor #274902

2013 PADI Elite Instructor Award 50+ certifications issued

2014 PADI Elite Instructor Award 50+ certifications issued

2015 PADI Elite Instructor Award 50+ certifications issued

2016 PADI Elite Instructor Award 50+ certifications issued
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Open Water Instructor
Advanced Open Water Instructor
Rescue Diver Instructor
Divemaster Instructor
Boat Diver Instructor
Cavern Diver Instructor
Deep Diver Instructor
Deep Ocean Megalodon Tooth Hunter Instructor
Digital Underwater Photography Instructor
DPV (Dive Propulsion Vehicle) Instructor
Drift Diver Instructor
Dry Suit Diver Instructor

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Instructor
Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor
Emergency O2 Provider Instructor
Equipment Specialist Instructor

Full Face Mask Instructor
Gas Blender Instructor
Gas Blender Trimix Instructor

Ice Diver Instructor
Lobster Hunter Instructor
Night Diver Instructor
Open Water Sidemount Instructor
Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
Project AWARE Instructor

Public Safety Diver Instructor
Scuba Review / Tune up Instructor
Search and Recovery Diver Instructor

Self Reliant Diver Instructor
Sidemount Instructor

Surface Support Specialist Instructor
Tec Deep (Tec40, Tec45, Tec50) Instructor
Tec Sidemount Instructor
DiveRite Nomad Open Water and Technical Sidemount Instructor

Underwater Navigation Instructor
Underwater Photography Instructor
Underwater Videographer Instructor
Wreck Diver Instructor
EFR CPR-AED-First Aid Instructor
American Heart Association CPR-AED-First Aid Instructor (Heart saver and BLS Health Care Provider

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Paul's Latest Dive Log Entry

When he's not working in the shop filling tanks, servicing gear, or teaching, he enjoys diving the underwater cave systems of Northern Florida, and the many wrecks of the Atlantic Ocean. Paul has a passion for underwater photography and enjoys sharing his knowledge of this specialty with new divers. Initially certified in 2004 as an PADI open water diver, Paul worked hard and was certified as an Instructor in 2010 and an Instructor Trainer in 2015. 
Currently a PADI MSDT and IANTD Instructor Trainer, Paul was certified as a PADI TecRec, Technical diving instructor in May of 2011, and IANTD Full Trimix Instructor in February of 2015 and enjoys bringing divers into the world of technical diving.


Paul was born and raised in Calvert County, Maryland. When Paul isn't manning the shop, teaching new divers, or  technical dive classes, he works full time as a career Paramedic Field Training Officer for the Department of Emergency Services in Charles County. Paul is a 20 year veteran of Emergency Services, starting as a volunteer for Calvert Advanced Life Support in 1998. Paul is a life member of Calvert Advanced Life Support.

Owner / Chief Instructor 
PADI TecRec Instructor #274902 
IANTD Instructor Trainer #750

Phone: (443) 295-3225

Email : Paul@SoMdDivers.com

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