​​Southern Maryland Divers, llc 

Price Match Guarantee

Southern Maryland Divers, LLC knows that our customers value many things, including friendly, professionally trained staff, terrific service and great savings on scuba equipment. Our Scuba Dive Shop in Maryland thrives on being the best shop in Maryland and offering our Scuba and Snorkeling customers the best pricing around. We try hard to keep our prices as low as possible while also offering the best service. If you see a competitor with a lower price, take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee! 

How does it work? 

You contact us with the competitors ad, sale, or website and we verify a few things. 

1. The ad or sale must be from an authorized dealer of the product (no "fell off the back of the truck" deals will be honored)
2. The ad or sale must be for the same exact product that we are selling.
3. The ad or sale must be current and not expired.

After we verify that the above requirements are met, we match the price you found and we EAT the taxes! That's right, you get the same exact product, on the spot, for the same price you found elsewhere. No taxes added. 

Remember your local dive shop when shopping around. With the internet being so easy to access these days, it's really easy to push a button and have your item in a few days. Remember that your local dive shop is here to support you. When you buy local, you keep the little guy in business and therefore supporting your diving in the future. There are some things that an online shop just can't provide. Air fills, quick equipment fixes, last minute purchases, classes..... Just a few of the things that your local shop provides. But the LDS needs your support in more than just fills and classes. We need your business with gear and products to stay afloat. Spend a few minutes and support the local shop before ordering online. 

You can buy with confidence with Southern Maryland Divers, LLC.