​​Southern Maryland Divers, llc 

2018 Quarry Schedule 

may 5th and 6th - Jackson

june 2nd and 3rd - jackson

​June 16th and 17th - Waid

june 30th / july 1st - jackson

july 28th and 29th - jackson

July 14th and 15th - WAID

​August 18th and 19th - Waid

august 25th and 26th - jackson

september 22nd and 23rd - jackson

September 29th and 30th - Waid

​October 6th and 7th - waid


2018 Local dive schedule

We can complete checkout dives as well as speciality classes in the patuxent river right next to our shop located in california, MD. This option is not for everyone and is at the discretion of the instructor based on previous experiences with the student or after evaluation of the students experience level in either confined or open water. Please contact us if you wish to look into completing your training at our local patuxent river dive location.

Southern Maryland's Premier Scuba shop

Southern Maryland Divers visits the fresh water rock quarry Lake Phoenix one weekend a month starting in April and running through October. This is the location where Open Water students will complete their certification dives. We also teach other classes to include the PADI Advanced Open Water Class ​as well as other specialty classes at this location as long as the dives can be completed within the standards set forth by that course. You can schedule your diving by contacting the shop.