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*All tanks made of the 6351-T6 aluminum alloy must be tested using an eddy current testing machine per federal law. These tanks were made by Walter Kidde (years 1972 thru 1998), and Luxfer (years 1972 thru May 1988). We will notify you if your tank falls into this category.

Want to make sure your tanks stay in tip top shape? Check out 
this article on cylinder care.

​Tank Tumble - $20.00+

Depends on amount of corrosion 
Light Rust $20.00, Heavy Rust $30.00 and up depending on amount of rust. 

Valve Repair - $35.00 
Includes ultrasonic cleaning and parts on most valves. 

Tank and Valve O2 Cleaning - $50.00 
Per tank, all sizes, parts extra. Cleaned using Blue Gold, Christolube, Viton O-rings, and OCA air for drying. 

Doubles Breakdown / Reassemble - $20.00 
If you bring your doubles in assembled for VIP or Hydro, we will need to break them down for inspection and reassemble them. If you do it yourself, please bring them in broken down and let us know you will assemble them to avoid this charge. Doubles count as (2) separate tanks and charges will reflect two tanks. 

Visual Tank Inspection (Air Only) - $14.00 
Includes inspection, Air Fill, and O-Rings (Needs to be completed yearly) 

Visual Tank Inspection

(to 40% Nitrox Clean) - $20.00 
Includes inspection, Air Fill, (Nitrox extra) and O-Rings (Needs to be completed yearly) 

Visual Tank Inspection

(O2 Service Clean - to 100%) - $30.00 
Includes inspection, O2 Cleaning, Air Fill, (Nitrox or O2 extra) and O-Rings (Needs to be completely yearly) - turn around time longer

Hydrostatic Certification Test - $50.00 
Includes Hydrostatic test, Date Stamp, Visual inspection, Valve inspection and lube, Air Fill, (Nitrox Extra) and new O-Rings (Needs to be completed every 5 years. Carbon tanks every 3 years.) 

Visual Eddy Current Test* - $15.00

(Added to VIP Cost on all tanks made on or before 1989) 
*Mandatory on certain tanks, Current test that checks threads on tank to ensure integrity. If necessary this is done yearly during the visual inspection and at hydro.

​Scuba tanks need a Visual Inspection every year and a Hydrostatic test every 5 years. Southern Maryland Divers can handle all of your tank inspection and cleaning needs. With a quick turnaround time, you will not be without your tanks for long. If needed, rental tanks are issued free of charge when your tanks are with us for service. 

Southern Maryland Divers has a PSI/PCI certified cylinder inspector, and
Department of Transportation DOT Visual requalifier on staff to meet these needs. You can see his credentials at the links below. 

PSI Visual Cylinder Inspector 
PSI Eddy Current Technician 
PSI Oxygen Cleaning Cylinder Technician 
PSI Valve Repair Technician 
Department of Transportation Requalifier -