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U-1105 Dive Charters

The U-1105 is one of the most popular local dive sites to Southern Maryland. Located in our back yard at a depth of 85ft in the Potomac River, this dive is very unique and one you don't want to miss.

u-1105 "Black Panther" sub Dives

$125 per diver - two dives

The cost of the charter is for the boat ride ONLY. Divers are responsible for ALL gear to include tanks and weights. 

Rental tanks are available for the prices below. All rentals will be delivered to the dock the morning of your dive.

(2) Aluminum 80 tanks with AIR fill - $30.00

(2) Steel 120 tanks with 32% Nitrox fill - $50.00

(1) Pony bottle w/regulator - $25.00

In 1944 a Type VII-C German submarine, began her brief and dramatic wartime career. Germany used its precious supply of artificial rubber to coat the outer skin of approximately 10 experimental submarines. The mission of the U-1105 was to find an Allied combat ship and sink it. It was then to descend to 100 meters (330 fsw) and hold that depth to determine whether the Allied ships could find it using sonar. The test was successful. They could not. 

Weeks later the war ended. The sub surrendered and was brought to the Potomac River. It was sunk the final time near Piney Point, Maryland on September 19, 1949. It has been there since. The conning tower is above the silt and available for exploration. 

Our Captain has been plying the waters of the Chesapeake for 30 years. You can expect a depth of 65 feet to the Conning tower and 84 feet to the silt. Visibility can range from 2 feet to 10 feet. Water temperature in September should be in the upper 70's to low 80's degrees F on the surface and 5-10 degrees below that on the bottom. It is a challenging and invigorating dive. 

Required Experience Level: 
Advanced Open Water. This is river diving. Each Diver needs to be very comfortable in the water, even if you turn around to find that you can no longer see the sub or their buddy. You need to be trained and comfortable in making a free ascent in low visibility conditions. 

**PLEASE NOTE** - This is considered and advanced dive. Visibility that you see in the video above is considered stellar and the normal visibility is usually in the 2-5ft range. A powerful primary light with a backup light is a must. Divers should be experienced and expect low visibility conditions. Divers should also be comfortable doing a free ascent in open water with low visibility. If you have any reservations, please contact the shop to discuss with one of our staff members before booking. **

Proof of a logged dive within the last 6 months is required to book a spot on this charter. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Nitrox is HIGHLY recommended but not required.

Required Equipment: 
All Dive Gear, Two Tanks (Filled), Dive Knife or Cutting Tool, Certification Card(s), Wreck Reel, Lift Bag/SMB, Strong Underwater light, Surface Signaling device, and Dive Insurance. 

Recommended Equipment: 
Gloves, Hood, Alternate Air Source, Redundant Light, Sea Sick Medicine, Save-A-Dive kit, Dry Bag, Slate, Lunch/drinks, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Hat, Warm Clothes, Towel, Nitrox is recommended for longer bottom times. 

The U-1105 is located 1.1 miles NW of Piney Point, Maryland. 

Deposit schedule: 
Full payment is due to hold your spot and is fully refundable until 30 days from the date of the charter. 30 days and sooner, the charter fee is only refundable if you find someone to fill your spot or the charter is canceled for any reason on our end (weather, charter operator, etc).

Cost of charter gets you on the boat. All dive gear to include tanks and weights are responsibility of the diver. Rentals including high volume nitrox tanks delivered to the dock are available for the prices listed below as first come first served with limited availability. 

2019 charter dates

SEPT 14TH - TWO DIVES - See Pictures HERE

SEPT 15th - two dives - See Pictures HERE



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